Save Kids — SAKI TOKEN the first currency to raise children’s charities.

We will soon announce presale through DxSale


The goal is to help kids

The main goal of the project is to raise funds for children in need. We mostly want to collaborate with charities, but we will probably make individual donations in specific cases and force majeure, if it involves the life of a child and we could give him a chance at life.

We will promote charitable projects on all SAKI associated pages and we hope to help with extra donations made from the project, for example, private donations from investors.

We are looking for interface services to help charities that do not have cryptocurrency accounts so that they receive fiat funds directly.

SAKI is a frictionless high-yield generation protocol combined with continuous permanent burn, deflationary supply! 3% of all transactions is automatically redistributed to its holders for passive incomes. As long as you keep the token in your wallet, it constantly increases with each transaction, no bank offers such a possibility for its deposits. Besides passive income, SAKI TOKEN is special because we have a special wallet for children charity. More than that, 7% of each transaction is also burnt forever.

· Liquidity is blocked for one year.

· Individual team wallets 4.2% in total — lock

· Limited presale purchase value per wallet.

· Trading value limited MaxTX, limiting the risk of pump & dump.

· No rugg risk, the development team wallet and the charity wallet can only be accessed through the multi-signature procedure, meaning that 3 out of 5 team members must be present at the same time to enter the keys, each team member has unique keys.

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